Sports Injuries

Our aim to return you to your sport as soon as possible, with optimum mechanics and strength.injury1

Sports injuries fall into two categories:

  1. Acute trauma such as an ankle strain or a knee ligament injury. Physiotherapy diagnose the degree of strain and the musculoskeletal area involved. Treatment is initially aimed at reducing swelling and inflammation followed by a graduated exercise program to restore movement and strength of the injured area to pre-injury level.
  2. Overuse injuries. Physiotherapy involves analysis of the area under load which is causing your pain and then diagnosing the root cause of this. That may entail analysing training regime and/or the biomechanics of your technique. Often an injury will refer pain to other parts of your body. Also a stiff ankle that doesn’t allow normal movement during running and walking can cause pain in the knees, hips, lower spine and even cause neck and shoulder pain. The physios at Castlereagh are specifically trained in the ISM approach which uses the latest techniques to analyse the whole body. See link.

Treatment of your symptoms may include:

  • Taping to support plus compression,
  • Ice
  • dry needling
  • restore joint mobilityinjury2
  • deep tissue massage
  • stretching programs
  • strengthening and retraining weak muscles
  • neural mobilisation
  • pilates
  • electrotherapy to enhance healing
  • Sport specific exercises including plyometrics, eccentric exercises, balance and control with emphasis on correct technique.
  • Video analysis to identify poor form.