Postural Correction

iStock_000025115534LargePostural correction is the way our muscles hold our bodies correctly against gravity. This causes changes in muscles tightness strength or neural activation. If you think of a tent, the tent poles are your bones (unchangeable) and the ropes are your muscles. Ropes pulling tightly on the tent can increase tension and strain on the tent material and too little tension does not support the tent shape, thus it is susceptible to any external forces and it may sag. This is a structure more likely to wear out and collapse.

This analogy helps explain the importance of posture; not only standing but sitting or even during an activity or sport. Prolonged posture also creates problems when you move into new postures as muscle tightness may have developed.

We can assess your posture looking for any muscle tightness or weaknesses and devise a home program for you to work on. We apply this to all our assessments naturally but if you haven’t reached the pain stage and notice your posture worsening you can book an appointment to save any pain developing.