Overuse and Work Related Injuries

overuseCastlereagh Physiotherapy does accept and treat workers compensation conditions that have been approved for physiotherapy and we will bill the insurance company directly.

Many of our clients are sedentary workers. They say sitting kills you. Sitting in a poor position and repeatedly moving in the same poor way can cause strain, pain and compromised biomechanics.

Our team is experienced at treating muscular skeletal problem such as:

• neck pain
• shoulder and elbow pain
• headaches
• lower back pain.

These are common conditions that arise from long periods of sitting in the workplace at computer workstations and also from lifting and manual handling. We diagnose where in your body the primary poor function arises and treat the root cause of your symptoms.overuse

Treatment may involve:
• Massage
• Joint mobilisations
• Postural correction
• Strength programs
• Pilates
• Taping or splints
• Ergonomic advice