headacheIt is likely that nearly all of us will experience a headache in our lifetime. There are many different causes for headaches, for example: hormonal changes, blood pressure, meningitis, stress, muscle tension, jaw problems, poor posture, dehydration, cervical spine and tumours.

Physiotherapy can alleviate headaches originating from core spine dysfunction and muscle tightness; neck, some jaw problems and poor posture. Core/spinal headaches most commonly have some degree of neck stiffness. The pain involved with headache symptoms may be minor compared with the headache. Unremitting pounding or intense headaches should be checked by your doctor before physiotherapy.

Treatment involves thorough assessment of posture of whole spine, upper limbs and pelvis and may even be partly affected by alignment of the legs.

Our expert physios can diagnose what specific areas need to be treated to ease the pressure around upper neck and relieve headache pain. Appropriate advice on maintenance with exercises and posture correction are given.