Our newly renovated clinic in the Sydney CBD has three treatment rooms and a Gym/Exercise rehabilitation.  We also have a massage therapist on-site for your convenience.

Real Time Ultrasound

The Clinic has a Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) machine, the latest in technology for Physiotherapy. Our team has been trained on using this device to show you in real time (i.e. during the actual exercise) which muscles you are contracting. RTUS imaging will allow our physiotherapists to view the stabilising muscles as the contraction occurs and provides an accurate assessment of the quality, timing and endurance of the stabilising muscle contraction. This is a major benefit for our patients whose condition is linked to poor core stability.

Castlereagh Physio patients with lower back pain can access this device to retrain their core stability successfully. Once this has been achieved we can advise you of the most appropriate form of exercise to maintain the strength of the stabilising muscles. This appliance is a valuable asset for back physiotherapy treatments.

Gym equipmentfacilities-small

We recently created space for a rehab exercise area which is used for 1:1 strengthening programs and small group exercise/Clinical Pilates classes. Equipment available includes:

  • Torque F9 pulley strength trainer
  • Rehab equipment
  • Free weights
  • Swiss ball
  • Step-ups
  • Exercise bike
  • Mat exercises

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles applied to tight muscles to decrease tension and stimulate changes in movement and tissue physiology. It is restricted to soft tissue effects and not the more involved systemic effect of acupuncture.

Only physiotherapists who are qualified via post graduate dry needling courses will use this technique. All the physios at Castlereagh physio are trained in this technique.

If you feel uncomfortable with this type of therapy, our therapists will not use it as part of your treatment plan.


At our clinic, we have an Interferential and Ultrasound machine that may be used as adjunct treatment. This treatment stimulates your body’s natural repair processes and enhances healing. Most relevant to sports injuries and muscle tears.