08 Dec

My upper traps is so tight!

“My upper trapezius is so tight!” – Should you keep pushing and prodding it to get rid of the “tightness”? Or do you actually need to strengthen it? A lot of office workers or gym goers often complain that they feel all “knotted and tight” in their upper trapezius (UT) region. They go for massages

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21 Nov

sore knee because of my ankle?!

Sore knee because of my ankle!? We have had a few patients come in the past few weeks with a sore knee from no apparent injury but who have been going on more long walks/runs since the weather is getting nice(r). On assessment, they presented with localised front knee pain and some swelling, with grinding

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calf strain picture (480x640)
17 Oct

Calf Strains

Calf injuries are very common in running sports, especially those with sudden start-stop movements or require a lot of change in direction. The severity of injury can vary quite widely and it’s important to know when to seek help. Calf injuries can be graded into 3 grades depending on severity: Grade 1: Fibres are overstretched

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patella deload pic (435x580)
10 Oct

Knee(cap) pain

The kneecap (aka Patella) is a common spot for knee pain. In the acute stage, taping to offload the patella is very useful for pain management. Click here to watch how to perform a Patella Deload Tape However, treating the root cause of the knee pain is more important. Often, knee pain is caused by

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workplace ergo jpg file
03 Oct

Workstation Set Up

Workers who sit behind a desk all day often complain of neck and back pain. This was often blamed on “bad posture”, but rather than a bad posture, it is often the duration one spends in that posture that is the culprit. The body is meant to go into different postures, and sitting is one

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27 Sep

Heel pain

Heel pain can be quite debilitating because it affects any day to day activities involving standing or walking. It is important to identify the exact cause and structure (although less important) so that treatment will be effective. A common cause of heel pain is due to the plantar fascia, a thick connective band that runs

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19 Sep

Happy Bike Week!

Did you know that it is NSW Bike Week? From 16-24 Sept, there will be a whole bunch of cycling events going on throughout NSW, check out this website for more fun details: We at Castlereagh have our new spin bike in the clinic, and everyone has been having a go on it in

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hip abd wall
13 Sep

Perkier buttock, please!

(Cheeky) Exercise for the day! Here is an example of a series of glutes exercises for getting a more toned buttock (and more seriously, to have better hip control)! Especially for those of us who sit on our bottom all day, the gluteals can get dreadfully neglected and this becomes a problem because the gluteals

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trigger point (640x480)
05 Sep

Trigger Point Releases

Sometimes, certain spots (aka fascicles) in our muscles can get a bit “icky” or “tight”. These are also referred to as trigger points. They may contribute to lack of movement in certain joints and cause symptoms elsewhere, so releasing the tension in those spots help relieve symptoms. Trigger balls or Pocket Physios are handy little

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sarah tennis elbow (480x640)
29 Aug

Elbow pain

One of our own has suffered a bit of elbow strain! She had a hard knock to the outside of her elbow during soccer (on top of a previous elbow tendon injury from before) and is having some trouble gripping. We taped up her elbow to offload the tendon, and that has helped reduce pain

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