19 Sep

Happy Bike Week!

Did you know that it is NSW Bike Week? From 16-24 Sept, there will be a whole bunch of cycling events going on throughout NSW, check out this website for more fun details: We at Castlereagh have our new spin bike in the clinic, and everyone has been having a go on it in

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hip abd wall
13 Sep

Perkier buttock, please!

(Cheeky) Exercise for the day! Here is an example of a series of glutes exercises for getting a more toned buttock (and more seriously, to have better hip control)! Especially for those of us who sit on our bottom all day, the gluteals can get dreadfully neglected and this becomes a problem because the gluteals

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trigger point (640x480)
05 Sep

Trigger Point Releases

Sometimes, certain spots (aka fascicles) in our muscles can get a bit “icky” or “tight”. These are also referred to as trigger points. They may contribute to lack of movement in certain joints and cause symptoms elsewhere, so releasing the tension in those spots help relieve symptoms. Trigger balls or Pocket Physios are handy little

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sarah tennis elbow (480x640)
29 Aug

Elbow pain

One of our own has suffered a bit of elbow strain! She had a hard knock to the outside of her elbow during soccer (on top of a previous elbow tendon injury from before) and is having some trouble gripping. We taped up her elbow to offload the tendon, and that has helped reduce pain

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heatpacks (640x480)
22 Aug

Heat Packs

Heat therapy is useful for reducing stiffness and improving tissue flexibility. It is useful in arthritic joints not in acute inflammation, in muscles that feel “stiff” from overuse or from being shortened by staying immobile for a period of time. Heat should not be used in acute injuries like ankle sprains or neck sprains where

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22 Aug

Foam rolling for legs

Ever wondered how to use the foam roller to work on releasing muscles in your legs? Click on the links below to watch a short clip on how to use it for some of the individual leg muscles:   Quadriceps: quads foam roll Hamstrings: HS foam roll Calf: Calf foam roll  

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foamrollers (413x640)
18 Aug

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are awesome for self releases. They are also great tools for advancing your Pilates workouts! These are some of the foam rollers we stock in our clinic, ask your Physio about them if you want to find out how to use them. We will also be posting videos on how to use foam

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tape (640x480)
15 Aug

Sports Tape

StockTap(k)e! We have a wide range of tape available, from regular rigid tape to softer and flexible Kinesio Tape or Dynamic tape. Our Physiotherapists regularly use them on patients for joint/muscle support and feedback, drop in if you would like to purchase some or if you would like to inquire about taping!

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HS eccentric sliders
09 Aug

Exercise of the day – eccentric hamstring sliders

We have had so many hamstring strains lately! Soccer and inappropriate training for marathons are the top 2 causes! Hamstring strains or tears can be pretty debilitating and frustrating given it’s likelihood of recurrence, so proper management is crucial. Here’s an example of an exercise useful in the later stages of rehabilitation. It loads up

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orthotics CP
02 Aug

Vasyli Orthotics

Our new orders of semi-customisable orthotics are in! We carry a large range of Vasyli orthotics (read about them here: We can also order specific ones if they are not in our current stock, so drop us a message or give us a call if you would like to find out more or have

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